Rime Allaf

Some causes have acquired an abundance of defensors. Others, struggling to find advocates, are increasingly vulnerable in the face of relentless, aggressive coverage by partial (or ignorant) media often sustaining stereotypes and caricatures, adding insult to injury.

The cause of dispossessed people is a just one; Palestinians have been enduring hardship for the better part of a century, their situation with every so-called peace initiative getting worse, not better. Likewise, the cause of people suppressed by oppressive regimes is just. Throughout the Middle East and the Arab world, the double curse of occupation and repression remains, denying the people of the region the most basic human rights.

These issues must be talked about, written about, and disputed, and the institutions, people and media in free societies have a moral obligation to challenge the status quo. Hopefully, they too will become moderators amidst polarized hearts and minds, and challengers of international double standards

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